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Roast Possum

Roast Possum 1 possum  4 bay leaves 2 cups boiling water  salt and pepper 6 yams powdered sage juice of one lemon butter Skin and clean the possum,  being sure to remove musk glands from small of back and beneath…

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Raccoon Casserole

COON CASSEROLE                                         Charles Toms   1 "cleaned"  dead coon           2 c. potatoes 2 c. carrots                               4 onions,  chopped After removing coon's skin and innards,  soak in bucket of salt water overnight.  Hang upside down from a tree and cure for…

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Possum and Sweet Taters

POSSUM AND SWEET TATERS                    C.C. Brackett   1 dressed possum                    salt 8 med. sweet taters                 black and red pepper Soak possum overnight.  Parboil in water with salt,  red and black pepper to taste.  Boil until tender.  Place possum and taters…

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