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Golden Valley, NC - A Community Website

Fishing with a Preacher

The largest body of water running through Golden Valley North Carolina is the First Broad River. This mountain stream meanders through the valley requiring several bridges that allow automobile traffic to flow uninterrupted across the river today. This river has…

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Roast Possum

Roast Possum 1 possum  4 bay leaves 2 cups boiling water  salt and pepper 6 yams powdered sage juice of one lemon butter Skin and clean the possum,  being sure to remove musk glands from small of back and beneath…

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Raccoon Casserole

COON CASSEROLE                                         Charles Toms   1 "cleaned"  dead coon           2 c. potatoes 2 c. carrots                               4 onions,  chopped After removing coon's skin and innards,  soak in bucket of salt water overnight.  Hang upside down from a tree and cure for…

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Possum and Sweet Taters

POSSUM AND SWEET TATERS                    C.C. Brackett   1 dressed possum                    salt 8 med. sweet taters                 black and red pepper Soak possum overnight.  Parboil in water with salt,  red and black pepper to taste.  Boil until tender.  Place possum and taters…

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The Cherry Mountain Fiasco

  There are two sides to every story. This version is presented courtesy of The Shotwell Papers, a three volume set of books published in 1931 by the NC Historical Commission. Six years after the civil war, in the midst…

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Whiteside Company

When war broke the colonial peace in 1775 the area we know as Golden Valley became known as Whitesides Company. This was due to an outstanding local militia captain William Whiteside. "During the Revolution, Whiteside was appointed Captain of a…

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