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Golden Valley, NC - A Community Website

Karen McCall, Honorary Historian

I’m Karen McCall, the Realtor known as KD McCall.

Since 1990, I’ve called Golden Valley, NC home, and have been involved in the community and the community club. It was at the request of the Golden Valley Community Club in 1997 (there-abouts) that I began to work on the History of Golden Valley. Toward that end I began to collect information about the community and to write about it. Western Carolina Communities published my synopsis and the Rutherford County Historical Society borrowed it, and through that Blue Ridge Internet asked if I’d like to contribute to the Rutherford History Project. Shall we sum it up by saying – things moved forward from there?

As a consequence, I am one of this area’s foremost cheerleaders and have written a collection of articles about the community. And not only Golden Valley, but Sunshine, Duncan’s Creek, the Logan’s Store area…. It happens I like to do research, and I like to write, and people are curious, so I’ve put some articles online and some community information including a Club Blog, at .

I have quite fallen in love with Rutherford County from Batcave to Bostic.

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