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Did you ever hear of a man getting kicked in the head and killed by a dead mule?!

They say it happened on the hill between First Broad and Hardbargain Creek.

The mule died on top of the hill about where South Mountain Industrial Institute was located. The earth was too hard and dry to bury the mule on the hill so they decided to take the mule down to the bottom land to bury it where it would be easier to dig the grave. They waited until the next morning, loaded the dead mule on a sled pulled by a team of mules and started down the trail to the bottom to bury the dead mule. The mule, having been dead many hours, was very cold and stiff, and one of it’s legs caught on a dogwood tree near the trail and wouldn’t pass.

One of the men got an ax and chopped off the dogwood limb, but he was on the danger side of the limb, and the stiff leg of the dead mule hit the man in the head and killed him. Three graves are located on the hill now, and the one marked with a field stone is said to be the one kicked and killed by the dead mule!

Tom Melton 9/1/’98

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